The United Nations of Sauna

We are TylöHelo. What we do and the experiences we create set us apart. The built in sense of pride and genuine feel that signifies our products cannot be replicated.

We are commited to our dealers and customers’ needs and we strive to continuously provide the market with unparalleled wellness products.  


Living and breathing sauna and steam passion

Together with our skilled dealers, We will continue to perform, create, innovate and fabricate. We will continue to provide the market with even more superior products and stronger customer service.



Provider of multisensory experiences

Through total control over the whole development process, engineering and manufacturing, we are now stronger than ever in providing the market with pleasurable experiences based on products of unparalleled quality. 


This is who we are

It is the people behind the scenes that make us into who we are. The innovators, the visionaries, the entrepreneurs. The TylöHelo team members, the ones capturing the essence of our brand, and the intrinsic feel of the TylöHelo experience.

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The free-thinking sauna enthusiasts

We have managed to stay true to our roots, to our strong focus on craftsmanship, innovation and individuality, the way agile operations can. The difference is that we are a big, strong and resourceful company, in it for the long run. It is important to you as team member, it is important to our owners and it is important to our customers.


We are here for you

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