Magma front
Magma side

Electric sauna heaters

Magma sauna heater

The Magma sauna heater is a master at providing large amounts of heat for large sauna rooms in commercial applications and other situations where demands are high. Durability, efficiency and low maintenance are of course part of its main features. Pure/Elite + WE50 is not included.

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Designed to meet extremely high demands

Durability, performance and efficiency

Digitally mastered

Product specification
Colors Control panel Relay box Installation
Graphite Pure/Elite WE 50 Floor standing

Technical information 


Item no.

Power (kW)

Sauna size m3


Size W x H x D (mm)

Minimum distances (mm) side/front/back/ceiling

Magma 181 000911 18,0  18-30 80 900x715x520 140/160/160/1400
Magma 210 000912  21,0 24-36 80 900x715x520 140/160/160/1400
Magma 260 000913 26,0  30-46 80 900x715x520 140/160/160/1500