Electric sauna heaters

Pikkutonttu sauna heater

Pikkutonttu sauna heater is designed by Ristomatti Ratia. The super-insulated shell and substantial stone mass provides luxurious soft heat and steam. The low surface temperature provides new possibilities for designing sauna interiors as well as providing safety for young sauna bathers. Control panel Pure is included. 

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Unique design, designed by Ristomatti Ratia.

Substantial stone mass (80 kgs) provides luxurious soft heat and steam.

Low surface temperature of the Helo Pikkutonttu makes it safe to use.

Product specification
Colors Control panel Relay box Installation
Black Pure Not needed Floor standing

Technical information 



Power (kW)

Sauna Size (m^3)

Size (WxHxD)

Stones (kg)

Pikkutonttu 4  002811 4,5 3-6 460x990x460 80
Pikkutonttu 6 002812  6,5 5-10 460x990x460 80
Pikkutonttu 9 002813  9,0 9-14 460x990x460 80

Safety distance

Type Side (mm) Front (mm) Ceiling (mm) Floor (mm)
Pikkutonttu 4 40  40 900 -
Pikkutonttu 6 150 150 900 -
Pikkutonttu 9 150 150 900 -