Pikkutonttu sauna heater

Pikkutonttu sauna heater is designed by Ristomatti Ratia. The super-insulated shell and substantial stone mass provides luxurious soft heat and steam. The low surface temperature provides new possibilities for designing sauna interiors as well as providing safety for young sauna bathers.  

Product details

Unique design, designed by Ristomatti Ratia.

Substantial stone mass (80 kgs) provides luxurious soft heat and steam.

Low surface temperature of the Helo Pikkutonttu makes it safe to use.


Fully customized sauna and steam

TylöHelo offers a number of flexible, ready-made, modular, luxurious, basic and custom-made sauna and steam solutions. They are all based on tried and tested components and parts, developed for years of hard use. If you want to let us create your very own sauna or steam room, we can help you out in the process. Browse among materials, designs and functions. Contact our professionals to assemble it for you.

Sauna rooms

Sauna room renovation

Update your existing sauna with a new interior. TylöHelo offers flexible solutions to replace and renew sauna benches, light fixtures, ergonomic backrests and more. It is not necessary to build a completely new sauna room if all you need is a little sprucing up.

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