Saunatonttu sauna heater

The Helo Saunatonttu sauna heater incorporates several patented features as well as superior Finnish design. Saunatonttu makes the rightful claim of being the best sauna heater in the world. The secret of Saunatonttu is in the constant heat retention and super insulated outer shell.

Product details

Ever-ready. The heat retained by the stones makes it possible to use Saunatonttu at any time, without pre-heating.

Unique design by Ristomatti Ratia

A gentle humid and steamy sauna experience

Well-insulated, it stores heat generated during standby time.


Ready-made sauna rooms

Just like our prefab sauna rooms TylöHelo's product range comprises also of a wide selection of designer solutions. They are ready-made where you do not have to make any other choices or selections. Just let the styles speak to you and choose whichever one suits you, your family, your personality, and budget.

Sauna rooms

The full spa treatment at home

Saunas and steam rooms from TylöHelo all provide a variety of sensual experiences. It is fully possible to enjoy a full spa at home with the flexibility of many of our rooms, heaters and steam generators. Dry and hot, a little milder warmth with plenty of humidity, or almost any other combination. The choice is yours.

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