Sun S Chateau infrared room

TylöHelo SUN-range of IR rooms provide a very pleasant sensation with their deeply penetrating sensation of sunshine on your skin. Available in compact dimensions and very low energy consumption make Sun IR rooms a versatile solution for a multi-facetted experience regardless of space or budget. The Sun-range is available in 7 different layouts.

Product details

Available in 7 different layouts

Up to 20% less energy consumtion

Most advanced IR panels on the market

Ultra low EMR/EF radiation


Benefits of sauna

There are a number of known benefits that can be achieved by regular sauna sessions. Your skin will be cleansed as a result of the intense heat dilating the pores and letting your sweat rinse them from impurities. You will experience a cardiac work out as a result of higher heart rate and lowered blood pressure, which in turn will keep lipid fats and blood sugar levels at an even keel.

More sauna benefits

Sauna accessories

TylöHelo provides numerous accessories to match your sauna room perfectly. Complete the picture and increase comfort and enjoyment with our different ranges of sauna accessories such as thermometers, hygrometers, ladles, buckets and more.

Accessorize your sauna

Fast and efficient sauna

Let infrared sauna get under your skin

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