Readymade, custommade or DIY sauna?

We make it easy to love sauna. Surround yourself with with beautiful and natural materials. The light scent of sap and solid feel of wood. Immerse yourself in comfortable heat and let the demands of the world outside slowly dissipate and let calm and tranquillity take its place.


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Less stress with a fragrant sauna

We all know that a quick whiff of a scent can trigger memories of places and people, and has the power to evoke strong emotions. But what you may not know, is that scents have a direct impact on our bodies through our nervous system! Essential oils like lavender have displayed effects similar to those of anti-anxiety medicines. Lavender, lemon and bergamot are a few of the calming essential oils that are known for reducing stress and anxiety. 

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Sauna makes you happier

Did you know that spending time in the heat of a sauna can actually reduce symptoms of depression, and dramatically increase overall wellbeing? We all know that heat feels good, but there is more to it than that. Research has found that regular sauna bathing actually has measurable positive effects on serotonin levels in our blood. Serotonin is the ”happiness hormone” which affects both our mood and behaviour.


Adding new space and value to your home

Saunas are no longer something hidden away in the basement. Today, they are the proudly displayed as the centerpiece of your bathroom and your home. With beautiful design and high tech features, saunas are the new kitchens, raising the value of your home and the quality of your life. With a wide range of materials, colour schemes and designs to choose from, installing a modern sauna is a bit like gaining a new room - without having to move!  

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