TylöHelo | 19.des.2019 10:05:11

“The tranquil thoughts in the heat are lovely”

Alex Schulman is a writer, media entrepreneur and dedicated sauna user. In cooperation with TylöHelo, Alex and his wife Amanda have renovated the sauna in ...

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Lifestyle, Product
TylöHelo | 14.nov.2019 11:46:55

The world’s first sauna lab is being built in Luleå

The health effects of a sauna were never really debated, but soon, a real scientific sauna lab will be ready in Luleå in the northernmost Sweden. In the lab, ...

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Lifestyle, Health
TylöHelo | 01.nov.2019 12:49:39

Let the new technique make your sauna experience personal to you

How do you want your sauna moment? Do you prefer it hot and dry, or do you like it soft and humid? Now it’s up to you! Innovations and technical progress now ...

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Health, Product
TylöHelo | 16.okt.2019 20:44:00

From homemade heaters to leading sauna manufacturer

2019 is a high point for the TylöHelo Group. Tylö and Helo are celebrating 70 and 100 years respectively, in the sauna industry. To commemorate this occasion ...

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Product, Inspiration
TylöHelo | 10.okt.2019 11:11:17

5 hot trends for sauna

We spend more time than ever before on home interiors. Carefully designing our living space, to introduce the latest trends to our kitchens and bathrooms. It ...

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Lifestyle, Inspiration
TylöHelo | 24.sep.2019 13:46:42

5 floating saunas to be inspired by

It’s hard to imagine a better location for a sauna, than on the actual water. Check out these 5 beautiful floating saunas, from all around the world.

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TylöHelo | 24.sep.2019 13:46:03

Should you build an indoor or an outdoor sauna?

A modern and beautiful sauna in the comfort of your own home? Or a traditional and authentic sauna experience, closer to nature? Only you know what the sauna ...

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TylöHelo | 24.sep.2019 13:45:05

7 tips for a stress-free vacation

All winter we long for those precious summer weeks. And as the vacation dates are drawing closer, our agendas tend to fill up with deadlines and things that ...

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TylöHelo | 24.sep.2019 13:44:28

Soft summer skin with peeling and sauna

Dark and glowy, or a lighter shade of summer pale? Regardless of skin tone, a scrub and a sauna will make your complexion thank you.

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TylöHelo | 24.sep.2019 13:43:41

Midsummer: Love spells, bonfires and sauna

Midsummer is not only a treasured holiday in Finland, but it’s also a magical one. The same goes for Sweden, where midsummer marks the beginning of the ...

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