Sauna renovation - before and after

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A traditional wooden sauna has its charm, but if you are renovating your home, why not take the opportunity to also update your sauna. Today, there are many kinds of different wood and other materials you can use for giving your sauna a fresh, modern look whilst increasing the health benefits to you. So are you thinking of upgrading your lifestyle - here we have some inspiration for you!

This wooden sauna has a beautiful view of the rooftops of Stockholm. The look of it did not match the rest of the flat that was undergoing an extensive renovation.


When the owners decided to renovate, they initially discussed the possibility of creating two saunas; one traditional and one infrared room. When we talked to them, we wanted to show that you can have both in one room. The husband liked dark colours, so we suggested grey Taika with heat treated aspen for the benches. Then we matched with the IR panels in grey glass and wooden frames.

The result looks fantastic!