Panorama sauna room

TylöHelo Panorama sauna room is part of our range of modular saunas. Use the concept, but personalize and customize according to your own taste. Panorama is a true sauna sanctuary, based on stylish and exclusive design cues for modern applications.

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Modern design, modern functionality

Traditional materials, craftsmanship and luxury

Customize, personalize, energize


The full spa treatment at home

Saunas and steam rooms from TylöHelo all provide a variety of sensual experiences. It is fully possible to enjoy a full spa at home with the flexibility of many of our rooms, heaters and steam generators. Dry and hot, a little milder warmth with plenty of humidity, or almost any other combination. The choice is yours.

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Sauna heaters

The source of heat is an essential component to your sauna bath. Sauna heaters from TyloHelo are sensibly engineered and as such extremely efficient. Ease of use and handsome and clean Scandinavian design wraps around the technology beneath, and the use of hard wearing materials and components of superior quality provides reliability, longevity and protection of your investment.

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