Impression Twin sauna/steam room

Impression Twin is an even more versatile modular construction that includes both sauna and steam. Relax in a traditional hot sauna or enjoy the comfort of a rich and enveloping steam bath. End your session with a refreshing shower. It is all included in one smart wellness solution, along with a flexible and versatile interior.

Product details

Modern design, modern functionality

Traditional materials, craftsmanship and luxury

Customize, personalize, energize


Steam bath benefits

Steamy windows, a sign of wellbeing. Yes, you will feel better and relax more engulfed in gentle heat and rich soft steam. It will relieve aches and pains and unleash tension in your muscles. A steam room session is one of the mildest, yet most efficient ways of simply feel better.

More sauna benefits

Steam accessories

Enhance your sauna even further by adding additional sensual therapies to your sauna and steam sessions. Choose from specifically selected essential oil aromatherapies or healthful minerals. Or add various light and sound therapies with our integrated solutions.

Steam accessories

Better living with sauna

Make it a vital part of your lifestyle

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