Steam Column TX

With the freestanding TX-range of steam showers, you can easily convert your shower niche into a compact steam room for your home. The specially adapted options allows for a fully functional and luxurious steam solution even in small spaces.

Product details

Turns your shower into a steam room.

Choose from three different models to suit your needs perfectly.

Use the prefab custom elements to turn your old shower into a steam room.


Steam accessories

Enhance your sauna even further by adding additional sensual therapies to your sauna and steam sessions. Choose from specifically selected essential oil aromatherapies or healthful minerals. Or add various light and sound therapies with our integrated solutions.

Steam accessories

Steam bath benefits

Steamy windows, a sign of wellbeing. Yes, you will feel better and relax more engulfed in gentle heat and rich soft steam. It will relieve aches and pains and unleash tension in your muscles. A steam room session is one of the mildest, yet most efficient ways of simply feel better.

More sauna benefits

looking good with sauna and steam

Regular use can do wonders to your complexion

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