Professional soft sauna

We offer some of the most versatile professional sauna and steam solutions on the market. Some like their sauna hot and dry, some prefer lower temperatures and higher humidity. Let your clients indulge in their favourite type of sauna with our smart and automated sauna technology and steam generation. We can help you design the perfect Soft Sauna experience today.

These are the class leading components necessary for a perfect soft sauna set-up

A broader offer to your customers.

An easy way to increase comfort.

Update your existing application.

Always custom made.


Fully customized sauna and steam

TylöHelo offers a number of flexible, ready-made, modular, luxurious, basic and custom-made sauna and steam solutions. They are all based on tried and tested components and parts, developed for years of hard use. If you want to let us create your very own sauna or steam room, we can help you out in the process. Browse among materials, designs and functions. Contact our professionals to assemble it for you.

Sauna rooms

Digital Control panels

Digital control panels with Wi-Fi-connectivity make life easier and more convenient. Control every aspect of your favourite sauna remotely. Make sure it is set and ready to go when you are, not the other way around.

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