Fast heat that saves energy

Tylö heaters all heat your sauna room up to twice as fast as any other heater. Tylö's unique Intelliair system; dynamic air chambers provide enhanced hot air distribution while the patented divided output feature enables energy savings of up to 30%.

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It is all in the details

Tylö heaters are carefully designed to deliver the ultimate sauna experience. An angled grill ensures optimal distribution hot air distribution. A built-in steam generator that give you total control over the amount of steam in your sauna.




Use your water efficiently

Thanks to a Tylö engineered stone compartment that is placed in the middle of the heater. It reaches almost the full lenght of the heater, which causes almost 100% of the water added to evaporate.



A safer sauna heater

Tylö'sThermosafe™ is an intergral part of the Sense range of heaters.It's unique protective coating protects against accidental burns. Thermostats and temperature sensors are vital components selected with meticulous care to ensure maximum safety and to prevent overheating

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Made in Sweden

Our long standing tradition of quality and craftsmanship is perpetuated through our own research, development and manufacturing. Thanks to consistent use of high qulity materials we can ensure durability and longevity. We back this with a generous factory warranty of no less than 5 years.





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