Expression Combi sauna heater

This award winning sauna heater design will heat your sauna room fast and with ease. Built in air chambers speed up air and heat distribution and contributes to its energy efficiency. The integrated steam functionality provides soft sauna, steam and traditional dry sauna. Available in several different colors.

Product details

Classic dry sauna to gentle soft and steamy sauna

Twin side air chambers for better air and heat distribution.

Special aroma therapy compartment.

Energy saving Split Power Output feature.


Sauna room renovation

Update your existing sauna with a new interior. TylöHelo offers flexible solutions to replace and renew sauna benches, light fixtures, ergonomic backrests and more. It is not necessary to build a completely new sauna room if all you need is a little sprucing up.

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Sauna ventilation and air flow

For a fully immersive sauna experience, ventilation is imperative. Our saunas are designed with both room layout and type of heater in mind. Ventilation and airflow within the sauna room affects both your comfort and wear and tear of the sauna interior and equipment as well as your energy consumption.

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