Sense Combi Pure sauna heater

Same efficient and swift operation as the rest of the Sense heater lineup, but Sense Combi Pure delivers traditional dry sauna experiences along with ones including rich and enveloping steam, for an even higher level of versatility and pleasure.

Product details

Steam bath possibility along with aroma and mineral therapies. 

Split Output functionality. Careful automatic temperature monitoring. Reduces power output once set temperature is reached.

Thermosafe protective coating. Prevents accidental skin burns.

High quality stainless steel construction for stone compartment


A flat pack sauna

For a quick and easy, but truly traditional sauna experience, TylöHelo offers a whole new range of modular sauna rooms. Whether you choose to assemble it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, your new sauna room will be ready to use within a few hours.

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Sauna ventilation and air flow

For a fully immersive sauna experience, ventilation is imperative. Our saunas are designed with both room layout and type of heater in mind. Ventilation and airflow within the sauna room affects both your comfort and wear and tear of the sauna interior and equipment as well as your energy consumption.

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