Electric sauna heaters

Sense Combi Pure Grey sauna heater

Same efficient and swift operation as the rest of the Sense heater lineup, but Sense Combi Pure delivers traditional dry sauna experiences along with ones including rich and enveloping steam, for an even higher level of versatility and pleasure.

Steam bath possibility along with aroma and mineral therapies. 

Split Output functionality. Careful automatic temperature monitoring. Reduces power output once set temperature is reached.

Thermosafe protective coating. Prevents accidental skin burns.

High quality stainless steel construction for stone compartment

Product specification
Colors Control Relay box Installation
Grey  Pure (included) Not needed Floor standing or wall hung

Technical information 


Power (kW)

Sauna Size (m^3)

Size (WxHxD)

Stones (kg)

Art. nr

Sense Combi Pure 6  6,6 4-8 435x625x375 20 61001180
Sense Combi Pure 8 8,0 6-12 435x625x375 20 61001358
Sense Combi Pure 10 10,5 10-18 435x625x375 20 61001360

Safety distance

Type Min. distance to side wall (mm) Min. ceiling (mm)
Sense Combi Pure 6 110 1900
Sense Combi Pure 8 110 1900
Sense Combi Pure 10 110 1900