What is Infrared?

Bring the health benefits of heat into your home with a Tylösand infrared sauna cabin. Easy to install and simple to use, a stylish Tylösand cabin brings that Swedish summer feeling to your home. Tough workout? Need that rehab time? Switch on the sauna. Now switch off from stress.Tylösand infrared cabins are produced by TylöHelo, a company with over seventy years’ experience of offering high quality sauna experiences, and more than 20 years of offering infrared warmth. Tylö redefines the sauna scene by creating top quality sauna products that become a part of healthy living. Welcome to our great world of saunas.

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Why Hotel Tylösand chose Tylösand infrared cabins

Hotel Tylösand on the coast of south-west Sweden is one of the country’s leading spa hotels. Famous for active leisure and recreation, the hotel offers a unique approach to health and fitness. Its new initiative is biohacking featuring IR treatment, laser treatments and led masks. They chose Tylösand cabins for IR.

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