Steam Room and Steam Showers

The little white wheels on my Tylö shower door have broken. What can I do?

Answer: Contact your nearest Tylö dealer to order new wheels for the shower door. Our wheels fit all the older models of Tylö showers too.

I can no longer regulate the temperature on my Tylette shower

Answer: Contact your nearest TylöHelo dealer We have spare parts for models of Tylö steam showers and shower cabins, with integrated mixer tap, manufactured after 2003. We have a limited stock of spare parts for earlier models.

I'm interested in an Impression steam shower and want to know where the connections for water and electricity are positioned

Answer: The connections are more or less in the centre of the column, about 150 cm from the floor. Water is connected to the water pipe via flexible tubes. The water pipe can be at the standard height of 110 cm from the floor.

Where can I get spare parts?

Answer: Contact a TylöHelo dealer. You can find your nearest TylöHelo dealer using the dealer search function on our website.

There is water trickling from the steam head

Answer: If water trickles or drips from the steam head, the most likely reason is a coating of limescale (calcium) on the electrodes which sense the water level. It is also possible that the extractor hose to the electrode pipe is blocked. Both reasons give rise to the problem of the steam generator overfilling with water.

What is the difference between a steam room and a steam sauna?

A steam sauna is a sauna with a lower temperature, a slightly higher humidity, but the heat is still generated by a sauna heater.

A steam room has a temperature of about 50 degrees and the humidity level is 100%. Steam is produced by a steam generator and this heats the room and keeps the humidity level high.

Do you need to have ventilation in a steam room?

Answer: Yes and no. 

In general, steam rooms for private use, or that are used for shorter periods of time, do not need their own ventilation.

However, for reasons of hygiene and performance, all steam rooms that are used for more than two hours at a time must be connected to a mechanical air extraction system.

This should be designed for an air exchange rate of 10 to 20 m3 of air per person per hour. Without this ventilation, the steam room's heat losses are reduced, which also means reduced production of steam during periods of continuous operation.


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