Solid Wood Premium

The stylish Harmony Solid Wood Premium interior is combined with glass doors and windows and gives an airy, timeless and handsome design which is available in many layouts. The flexible construction is highly adaptable to fit any bathroom and can even be installed under a pitched roof or in a corner. Add a number of convenient features such as towel and bathrobe racks or LED-type spotlights. The near knot-free solid spruce or fir keeps the sauna climate at an ideal level without any additional insulation.


Product details

Excellent quality, superior materials, customizable sauna experiences for home or commercial applications.

170 different floor plans available, perfect integration into existing room situations.

May be upgraded to infrared combi sauna.

Design sauna heater Fonda with Bio Water Technique included along with a touch pad control panel.


Sauna room renovation

Update your existing sauna with a new interior. TylöHelo offers flexible solutions to replace and renew sauna benches, light fixtures, ergonomic backrests and more. It is not necessary to build a completely new sauna room if all you need is a little sprucing up.

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The familial solution

Enjoy different types of sauna therapies in a single solution. Our BWT technology is as simple as it is ingenious. The whole family can enjoy their favourite sauna using a single sauna heater.

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