T2 control panel

The good looking T2 control panel for sauna is touch controlled and equipped with a number of convenient features. Set and monitor temperature and light. For an easier life, you can preset your sauna up to 23 hours in advance. Choose from multiple language settings and other advanced features.

Product details

Advanced timing modes such as weekly schedule and preset modes.

Stylish touch control panel.

Multiple language settings

Farenheit or Celcius


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Follow our sauna and steam blog for inside tips and tricks on how to live better, feel better and perform better. Regular sauna and steam baths will work wonders on your general quality of life and sense of wellness.

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The source of heat is an essential component to your sauna bath. Sauna heaters from TyloHelo are sensibly engineered and as such extremely efficient. Ease of use and handsome and clean Scandinavian design wraps around the technology beneath, and the use of hard wearing materials and components of superior quality provides reliability, longevity and protection of your investment.

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