Electric sauna heaters

Ringo Black sauna heater

Pillar like design, sturdy construction and room for a massive amount of sauna stones, the Ringo Black electric sauna heater is the popular choice for family saunas in private homes.

The stone compartment of the Ringo holds 70 kilos

Fast and soft heat and steam

Adjustable legs for flexible floor mounting. Built in thermostat and timer.

BWT Technology
Product specification
Colors Control Relay box Installation
Black Built -in Not needed Floor standing

Technical information 


Power (kW)

Sauna Size (m^3)

Size (WxHxD)

Stones (kg)

Ringo Black 60 BWT 6,0 5-9 367x750x367 70
Ringo Black 80 BWT 8,0 8-13 367x750x367 70

Safety distance

Type Side (mm) Front (mm) Ceiling (mm) Floor (mm)
Ringo Black 60 BWT 100 100 1150 -
Ringo Black 80 BWT 100 100 1150 -