David Lloyd Leisure Centre

Steam | Sauna | Commercial | Crystal Feature | Tepadarium | Ceramic Lounger | Salt Grotto

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TyloHelo UK is pleased to announce the completion of a professional Wellness facility for David Lloyd Amida Spa in Farnham


TyloHelo Spa & Wellness was chosen by David Lloyd Leisure and Pellikaan Construction to design and build the heat treatment rooms for this new flag-ship spa facility in Surrey. The result can only be described as truly spectacular


The Amida Spa at David Lloyd Leisure features an amazing five different sauna cabins. Each one offering the user a unique bathing experience; from the Vitality Sauna which offers clients an exciting sauna ceremony to a more traditional approach in the stylish log cabin set in the grounds of the club.


There are two contemporary steam rooms - crystal and oriental, a salt grotto, a tepadarium with luxurious heated ceramic loungers and two adventure showers along with a spectacular ice chandelier.