Wood burning

How do I calculate the volume of the sauna, when installing a wood burning sauna heater in the sauna?

Answer: Multiply the height by the width and length. Add the volume of cold surfaces to the previous result: i.e. calculate the stone and glass surface are and multiply by 2. The result is in cubic metres, you then add this to the volume of the sauna. Select a sauna heater output according to the result.

When a wood burning sauna heater is installed in the sauna, how is the ventilation to be arranged?

Answer: The supply air valve should be next and below the sauna heater, the exhaust air valve should be in the ceiling.

Does it matter what sort of stones I have in my wood-fired sauna heater?

Answer: The stones you have in a wood-fired sauna stove should be larger (10 to 15 cm in diameter) than those used in electric sauna heaters. Stones that are too small prevent the air from circulating properly and do not become hot enough.

Can I reduce the safety distance from my wood-fired stove to combustible surfaces?

Answer: In some cases it is possible to reduce the distance by installing metal sheets or fibre cement boards with an air space behind. The installation manual for each model provides instructions on how to do this and states the required safety distances.

What are the ventilation requirements for a wood-fired sauna stove?

Answer: The incoming air for a wood-fired stove, unlike an electric heater, must be some distance from the stove. You don't really need an outlet since the chimney acts as the sauna's air outlet.

You can have an outlet vent that will provide ventilation when the sauna is not being used, but remember to close the vent when you're using the sauna.

The glass on my wood burning heater has broken and I need to replace it.

Answer: Please contact your nearest TylöHelo dealer or the outlet where you purchased your heater. It is important to provide them with the name and number of your heater so they know which glass or door to order for your particular model.


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