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Bespoke infrared

Infra Panel

Enjoy the deeper penetrating heat of the IR panels and enjoy the versatility and efficiency of Infrared sauna. Our new efficient IR panels are covered by Hemlock wood and fabric, providing a soft touch to the skin. Install as separate panels in an existing traditional sauna room or as a complete set in a separate infrared sauna room. Why limit your sauna enjoyment?

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Installs in an existing traditional sauna room

Two sauna types in one room. Enjoy separately or simultaneously.

Infrared sauna goes deeper into your muscles and tissues.

Product specification
Size 980x360mm / 980x680mm
Art. 90011295 / 90011298 


Cable 2m Heat resistant cable
Placement External on top of wall panel. 
Effect 150W or 300W
Suitable control Elite control panel
Combined solutions 
  • Infra panel + Elite control + Sense Elite heater
  • Infra panel + Elite control + Commercial lite Relay + Sense commercial/Expression heater (maximum 10,7 kW)
  • Infra panel + Elite control + Commercial Lite relay

The infra panels are controlled from the Elite control panel via relay box or heater.

The maximum load is 2,2kW/2,3kW for Sense Elite and Commercial Lite.

Example: If 4 panels with 300W + 4 panels with 150W are used the load will be 1,8kW.