Scandinavian traditional sauna

Hot and Dry

Enjoy a hot and dry sauna if you are into the traditional Scandinavian way of sauna bathing. Temperatures usually range from 167 – 194 °F, humidity is kept at a low 5–15%. Increase the sensation of heat by sprinkling water over the heater’s sauna stones. Let the pores on your skin open and perspiration act as a natural cooler while cleansing your skin. Tylo offers a wide selection of sauna heaters to provide a full traditional sauna experience.

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Soft sauna

Lower Temp, Higher Humidity

Stay longer in the sauna. Lower the temperature and immerse yourself in warm steam. Keep the room temperature at a mild 113–149°F and increase humidity to 40–56% to create that perfect soft sauna climate. This sauna therapy is perfect for families and friends. A long and relaxing session that can be enhanced by adding fragrant scents, herbs and minerals to increase the healing properties of the sauna bath. Have a look at the range of smart combi-sauna Tylo

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Sauna Therapies

Immersive steam bath

Steam bath for long sessions

A true steam bath is a completely relaxing experience. Lower temperatures and rich enveloping steam will surround you and muffle the sounds of the real world. At a mere 105–115°F you can take your time. At a constant 100% humidity, your Tylo steam room is adapted for demanding conditions. Amerec steam generators for home or professional use will produce the steam you need, regardless of whether your steam bath is at home or a commercial application.

Steam generators 


Fast and efficient

Far-infrared is used globally to relieve medical conditions from skin ailments to bringing relief to tense and aching muscles. The heat from Infrared sauna panels penetrate deeper into your tissue and is instantly ready to go. Infrared sauna is energy efficient, quick and works as a stand-alone source of heat. For the best of Infrared and Traditional Sauna, consider an InfraSauna for both types of heat in one room.

Infrared rooms


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