Karhu wood burning heater

Wood burning sauna heater Kastor Karhu’s handsome lines and brushed steel finish will highlight any sauna décor. Intelligent solutions, developed to extract maximum heat from as little wood as possible.

Product details

Water tank, protective wall element and base are available as accessories.

All Karhu stove models have adjustable legs.

CE-marked heater.

Coanda air flow system


Modular sauna rooms

Prefabricated saunas from TylöHelo are bundled with smart solutions for fast and easy assembly. You can build it yourself, customize and adapt to your personal taste. The fast and easy assembly gives you the benefit of being able to use it right away. Build it in a day. No special tools required. Just snap it together and enjoy.

Sauna rooms

Benefits of sauna

There are a number of known benefits that can be achieved by regular sauna sessions. Your skin will be cleansed as a result of the intense heat dilating the pores and letting your sweat rinse them from impurities. You will experience a cardiac work out as a result of higher heart rate and lowered blood pressure, which in turn will keep lipid fats and blood sugar levels at an even keel.

More sauna benefits

True sauna culture

Make it part of your lifestyle

The essence of sauna