Sauna interior

Taika Panel

The Taika sauna interior panels for walls and ceilings will create a stylish and modern look for your sauna room. They are made of certified Birch plywood and can be had in colour options black, grey, brown and untreated. The panels are tongued and grooved on both sides. Can be purchased by the piece.

Product specification
Item no. Colour & Size (mm)
0038668 BLACK, 12x196x1500 
0038671 GREY, 12x196x1500
0038674 BROWN, 12x196x1500
0038670 UNTREATED, 12x196x1500
0038608 BLACK, 12x196x3050 
0038663 GREY, 12x196x3050 
0038672 BROWN, 12x196x3050
0038633 UNTREATED, 12x196x3050