Impression Corner sauna room

The Impression corner sauna room is a modular construction that simply snaps together. It can be made super compact and still contain both a traditional sauna and steam room. The impression line of saunas is available in three different sizes and a wide range of renditions.

Products details

Corner layout ideal for smaller spaces such as a bath room

Includes elegant hygrometer/thermometer and built in LED lighing

Modular construction for maximum flexibility and versatility


One point of access

If you need to control several saunas or steam rooms, our smart digital control panels allow you to access all settings for all rooms via Wi-fi connectivity and a single point of access, such as a PC, tablet or smartphone. Our digital control panels always provide a complete overview on the status of your operation.

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Sauna ventilation and air flow

For a fully immersive sauna experience, ventilation is imperative. Our saunas are designed with both room layout and type of heater in mind. Ventilation and airflow within the sauna room affects both your comfort and wear and tear of the sauna interior and equipment as well as your energy consumption.

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Better living with sauna

Make it a vital part of your lifestyle

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