Compact sauna heater

A perfect electric sauna heater for small saunas. It comes with integrated control panel for temperature and time settings and is equipped with Thermosafe protective coating for extra safety in a small space.

Product details

Thermosafe protective coating

Extremely fast heat up time thanks to twin air chambers for efficient heat distribution.

High quality heating elements for durability and economy

Stainless steel sauna stone compartment


Sauna accessories

Enhance your sauna even further by adding additional sensual therapies to your sauna and steam sessions. Choose from specifically selected essential oil aromatherapies or healthful minerals. Or add various light and sound therapies with our integrated solutions.

Sauna accessories

The full spa treatment at home

Saunas and steam rooms from TylöHelo all provide a variety of sensual experiences. It is fully possible to enjoy a full spa at home with the flexibility of many of our rooms, heaters and steam generators. Dry and hot, a little milder warmth with plenty of humidity, or almost any other combination. The choice is yours.

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