Panacea steam room

The Panacea steam bath soothes your body and soul. Hot steam envelopes your body and brings total relaxation, releasing tension and muscle aches while your customized light and sound settings brings tranquility to the mind.

Product details

Luxury steam made easier than ever before

Corian interior is easy, light and modern

Combine your favorite spa treatments in one steam room


Fully customized sauna and steam

TylöHelo offers a number of flexible, ready-made, modular, luxurious, basic and custom-made sauna and steam solutions. They are all based on tried and tested components and parts, developed for years of hard use. If you want to let us create your very own sauna or steam room, we can help you out in the process. Browse among materials, designs and functions. Contact our professionals to assemble it for you.

Sauna rooms

More steam, less maintenance

For that perfect steam bath you need perfect steam generation. TylöHelo’s steam generators are dimensioned and designed for an uninterrupted flow of steam, paired with functionality focusing on the least amount of down time and maintenance.

Steam generators 

Looking good with sauna and steam

Regular use can do wonders for your complexion

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